Swing Trades

July 4, 2018


Swinging (Basic Mode)

Swinging on any pair can be difficult especially trying to get in to ride the trend

for 4-8 hours or more even a weekly swinging trade position.

Look at the 1-hour chart time frame to start it out on swinging.

4-hour chart time frame is the most accurate time frame to swinging trades.

4-hour charts better than daily and weekly because it breaks it down every 4

hours in a 24-hour day. So, you get to a new candle every 4 hour versus a daily

and weekly candle takes forever to closed to see a confirmation.

1-hour chart for basic swinging by following candlesticks.

Following the candlesticks on the MA (Moving Average).

Like I stated before if candles are above the moving average keep swinging on

the trend. Same thing goes for the downtrend, if candlesticks are below the

moving average then keep the swing trade.

Swinging on small lots to see if you like to swing trade for the whole week to

test your patience and pricing action skills and setting new prices to look for.

Start swinging on the 30min and 1hr chart time frames. You can swing on the

30min for maximum of 2 hours depending how strong the trend is. Focus on

1hour time frame after that and then 4hr and daily.

The Daily Chart can be very trick since it’s a daily candle confirmation so

retrace back to the 4hr chart since there’s 4-hour intervals 4-hour candles

versus relying on one daily candle closing confirmation.

You will get 8 candles on the 4-hour time frame on a 24-hour basis.

Times to look at for 4hour candles is 4pm CST, 8pm CST, 12AM CST,

4AM CST, 8AM CST. Remember this is my time zone since I’m talking

about Central Time in United States.




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