Understanding the time charts

July 17, 2018

Time Frames (1min chart to Monthly Chart)

Let’s start with 1min charts, basically for scalping (NO SWINGING ON SMALL TIMES FRAMES GET IN AND CATCH YOUR SMALL PROFITS AND SMALL PIPS) 5min and 15min

for scalping, following looking at small swinging actions on price jumps and breakouts if using Bollinger Bands.

30min charts

Using the 30min time frames can be scalping or short swinging positions

Small trends and price up trending or down trending

These timeframes for Swinging below (Don’t Mixed This Up)

1-hour charts – short swinging for 2-3 hours Max 4 hours most unless price and trends keeps going. Then jump to 4-hour chart to see longer price projection and new upcoming trend.

4-hour charts – by far the most accurate swing time frame chart

Daily Charts – you can use weekly swinging for long term trends and long-term price actions on specific market trends and overall candle structure.

Weekly Charts – Weekly swing and weekly price projections for the end of the week closing of Friday.

Monthly Charts- Great chart to use when the 1st of the Month hits new monthly candle starts and you can set your monthly price targets for the end of the month of that currency pair on a month swing.



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